Radion Aminov - Biking Street  Code for NYC

Avid bikers like Radion Aminov need to be familiar with the street code for cyclists in New York City. Because cyclists are the fastest growing commuter group in the city, it’s extremely important that all bikers know the rules of the road, for their protection as well as the safety of others using the road.

Cyclists are often at the mercy of traffic, but pedestrians can often be the victims of bikers who aren’t adhering to road rules. Pedestrians must always be given the right of way, and crosswalks should be kept free for safe walking. Cyclists should stay in the bike lane, and not on the sidewalk. Aside from sharing the road with pedestrians, cyclists also have to abide by general traffic regulations. Bikers should ride in the direction of traffic to keep matters safer for everyone on the street. Speeding through intersections can cause accidents of all kinds; instead, cyclists should stop at red lights.

Radion Aminov and other cyclists in New York City also know the importance of being seen and heard on a bike. Cyclists should affix front and rear lights to their bikes; not only does that make the bike more visible to others on the road, but the lights also assist the cyclist in seeing the road before him. A bell can be attached to the handlebars of a bike for cyclists to announce their presence to passersby. Helmets are also an important safety measure that all bikers should have for their own protection in case of accident.


Radion Aminov - Hiking Trails for Families in NYC

Radion Aminov and other New York City residents who are avid about hiking don’t have to look very far to find hiking trails that are fun and accessible for the whole family. The hiking trails in the city provide the perfect opportunities for families to connect with nature and each other.

The first park in New York City that comes to mind for most people is Central Park. Here kids can hike the Ravine trail that begins at Glenspan Arch and runs alongside the Loch. This forested streambed will give kids a glimpse of many types of wildlife, as well as the formations of natural bedrock. High Rock Park, located on Staten Island, is a hidden gem that features multiple hiking trails that all connect to the Greenbelt Nature Center. Amongst nature exhibits is the Loosestrife Swamp that leads to the Lavender Trail where kids can spy chipmunks, deer, frogs, and birds while on their hike.

Some hikers like Radion Aminov enjoy taking their children for a hike in Forest Park, Queens. This park has many hills and valleys that provide new challenges for young hikers around every bend. Hikers with some experience can try the Blue Trail and take in the view of beautiful oaks and hickory trees. Raccoons, gray, and black squirrels can be spotted during the hike. An excellent park for hiking in the Bronx is Van Cortlandt Park. The most accessible trail for kids is the Old Putnam Trail: it has a winding trail around ponds that leads to the open parade grounds.


Radion Aminov - Ways to Exercise as a Family

Radion Aminov, like many other parents, has taken time to find and incorporate fitness into the lives of his family members. More and more parents are turning to fitness to not only make exercising a regular part of the family’s routine, but to also create quality time for parents and children to spend together in a healthy environment.

Getting kids off the couch or away from their digital device is a challenge for modern parents. Those moms and dad who want to see their kids moving more can start the process by modeling for their children. Some families decide to make one night a week a sports night, integrating card or board games with exercise. Other families may make walking the dog a group activity every morning or evening, or make everyday outdoor activities – like gardening or yard work – fun and kid-oriented. Walks before or after dinner can help digestion as well as provide valuable time for family bonding.

Many parents, like Radion Aminov, strive to find creative ways to integrate exercise into their family’s daily lives. Having dance parties or making household chores fun and competitive can help children associate exercise with enjoyment. Parents can also incorporate exercise into everyday occurrences, like grocery shopping or walking the kids to school. Parents can even turn couch time into exercise time by encouraging their children to exercise during commercial breaks. Sit-ups, push-ups, or squats can be renamed in accord with the show the kids are watching to make the workout quick, fun, and encouraging for kids.

Radion Aminov-Alaskan Cruises

World travelers like Radion Aminov have found that cruises to Alaska provide the best of both worlds: the beauty of the natural environment combined with the entertainment and creature comforts found on a cruise ship. Alaska offers many different types of cruises for adults as well as families. Vacationers should do their research and find the best option for their desires and the time of year they are planning to travel.

Alaska’s weather is the greatest challenge for travelers planning a cruise vacation. Often, Alaska can be inundated with cold, chilly, overcast weather, which can interfere with wildlife sightings and floatplane or helicopter flights. The best time to take an Alaskan cruise is between May and September, although rainy seasons can occur during this time frame. The two major Alaskan cruise lines are Holland America and Princess, and both companies offer a variety of different types of cruises for Alaskan tourists.

Radion Aminov and other travelers who have experienced Alaska chose from a variety of trips designed to best fulfill their Alaskan dream. Some trips focus less on big ports and more on nature viewing, such as Expedition cruises, because the cruise ship is smaller and can fit into tinier harbors. The Gulf of Alaska cruise involves a weeklong itinerary, one-way cruise between Seattle and the Anchorage gateway ports. Inside Passage tours also run for a week’s time and focus on the waterway between the Pacific Coast Islands. This waterway is quiet and calm, providing excellent viewing for tourists.


Radion Aminov - Risk Management 101

Radion Aminov is a successful professional in the financial industry who possesses extensive experience and expertise in the area of budgeting, analysis, compliance, and risk management.

He has been employed as the Chief Financial Officer of the World Funding Company since 2015 and has already helped with finding new clients, including small businesses in need of investment capital.

When it comes to the many responsibilities that he oversees, including risk management, he ensures that all best practices are followed.

Risk management is the process of understanding, addressing, and analyzing risk in order to better achieve the goals of an organization.

There are various standards and protocols involved with effective and efficient risk management, some of which include the following:

  • Calculations: Identification of risk and assessment of its rank is a common practice involved with risk management. ‘RiskRegister’ is a copyrighted process that sorts risks in order of their threat level, while other strategies for calculating risk include probabilistic modeling techniques.
  • Exposure Reduction: A crucial component in many risk management tasks is assessing risk and reducing the exposure of an organization to it. One of the commonly accepted definitions of risk is ‘exposure to uncertainty’, and, therefore, limiting an organization’s exposure to unknown factors assists in the elimination of risk.
  • Making Risk Awareness a Priority: Ensuring that the entire team, including those in senior or executive positions as well as members of the corporate board of directors, are aware of practical and essential aspects of risk management, is beneficial towards the reduction of risk.

Radion Aminov is dedicated to his management of risk reduction strategies.

Radion Aminov - Everything You Need to Know About Certified Financial Planners

Radion Aminov is a multifaceted individual who enjoys a wide-range of activities outside of his work as the Chief Financial Officer of the World Funding Company based in New York City (NYC), New York. He is very devoted to his family and enjoys nothing more than spending time with his wife Kate and their two young children. He has experienced great career success following his graduation from the prestigious New York University (NYU).

After graduating from NYU, he went on to work in the finance industry and has now become an executive for a successful funding company from the ground floor. He has since continued his growth in the finance sector as a leading professional who possesses numerous credentials as well as a record of achievement.

He is a member of the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), a Washington, D.C based company that serves financial executives with a variety of career resources and also provides the certifications of Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) as well as FP&A Professional.

Aminov holds his FP&A certification and is therefore further able to play a dynamic role within the finance industry as an executive. In addition to his FP&A Certification, he holds certification in the following areas:

Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA): As a CIIA, he is recognized in his being qualified to represent individuals within the finance and investment industry from all around the world.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA): As a CFA, he is required to uphold a very rigorous Code of Ethics and Standards that govern professional conduct.

Radion Aminov has experienced great career success following his graduation from the prestigious New York University (NYU).

Radion Aminov - Safely Enjoying the Beach

Radion Aminov is a successful professional in the finance industry who has created a track-record of success throughout his career. He is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the World Funding Company, which is headquartered in New York City (NYC), New York. He is dedicated to ensuring that his company’s various endeavors are handled in the most financially ideal manner possible. He provides instrumental knowledge and experience in his position as CFO and regularly manages analysis, budgeting, compliance and risk management operations for the business. While he spends much of his time in the fulfillment of his professional responsibilities, he is always committed to taking breaks from work with his family.

While going to the beach is usually done in the spirit of fun and recreation, it is important to remain vigilant when it comes to safety and health during all visits to sandy shores.

Wear Sun Block: While many people understand the negative effects that Ultra Violet radiation can cause to the body, they still may neglect to protect their skin from the sun, even when spending a day at the beach. 

Whenever you are exposed to UV radiation – especially while enjoying a day on the beach – make sure to wear sun-protective clothing as well as a sunblock or sunscreen with a minimum Sun Protective Factor of 30 or higher.

One of Radion Aminov’s favorite pastimes is enjoying the beach with his wife Kate and their two daughters. He is a frequent visitor to many of NYC’s most sought-after beach resorts.

Radion Aminov - Tips for Going on a Trip to Egypt

Radion Aminov is an avid international traveler who is planning to visit the Middle Eastern country of Egypt this coming summer. Traveling abroad is a favorite activity for him, his wife, and their two young children.

A tourist capital, Egypt stands-out as one of the most highly praised hot spots for travelers seeking an often once-in-a-lifetime experience that is sure to mesmerize and astonish even the savviest Egyptophile. Aminov is determined to make the most of any time he spends with his family, and their trip to Egypt is certainly in-line with other summer bonding excursions, such as last years’ trip to Georgia to hike the entirety of the Appalachian trail.

Below are some general tips on making the best of your travel experience while in Egypt:

1. Avoid Tap Water: According to, tap water in Egypt is not recommended for drinking. Fortunately, bottled water is not only plentiful, but also affordable in Egypt.

2. Drive Safe: In Egypt, motorists drive on the right side of the road, so make sure to be careful when crossing the streets.

3. Join Group Excursions: Going on an excursion as a part of a group is an ideal way to explore the many destinations of the country.

On his upcoming trip to Cairo, Egypt, Radion Aminov plans to explore the ancient pyramids, the Nile river, and other geographic and historical landmarks on what will be his first trip abroad since becoming a Chief Financial Officer for a New York City (NYC), New York based funding company.



Radion Aminov - Three Financial Tips that go Underutilized

Radion Aminov works as the CFO of the investment firm the World Funding Company. He has experience managing personal finances, making stock deals, and managing investments on behalf of companies. Aminov believes that most people in the United States are making mistakes when handling their finances. He has tried to correct them on an individual basis, and he sees the most common mistakes all too often even as the CFO of a rising investment firm. Aminov has these three financial tips that too many individuals and families in the US overlook:

Plan for taxes early. Radion Aminov has seen many clients that have to make regular payments to the IRS for their small businesses or their self-employment wait until the last minute to pay them, leaving them in the lurch for too long before and after the payment due date. Make your Estimated Tax Payments on time and save for them long before you have to write a check or pay online.

Use your savings account. Many people like the idea of saving money but they don’t know how to do it properly. By at least putting money aside in another account, according to Radion Aminov, you can see what you have and how much you need to meet your needs.

Not paying for help. When your personal finances reach a certain point, it actually makes more sense to pay for a fancy accountant or financial advisor. Don’t be afraid of the fees you’re paying these professionals because in most cases, they are actually helping you save money.

Radion Aminov lives in Manhattan with his wife and two daughters.

Radion Aminov - Why the World Funding Company is Different

Radion Aminov is the CFO of the World Funding Company, a new kind of investment firm that works closely with both investors and the small businesses it invests in to find a common ground that they can both be successful with. Aminov was perhaps unprepared to become the CFO of a major investment firm at first, but he later grew into his job and now is one of the best-prepared, economically conscientious, and responsible CFOs for an investment firm in all of New York.

The World Funding Company is different than other investment firms because it invests solely in small businesses that need extra capital. Radion Aminov and his fellow senior leaders at the World Funding Company know that small businesses need funding in order to grow and be prosperous. Prosperous companies provide customers throughout their target markets with much-needed products and services. The World Funding Company sees the wider scope of the benefits of supporting these businesses, which causes Radion Aminov to look past the raw data and read the dreams and aspirations of business leaders to help them in their journey. The World Funding Company takes a wildly different approach to investing than most investment firms do. It works with small businesses to get them the capital they need so they can grow and offer more of their services and products to people throughout the New York community while guaranteeing investors a minimum ROI.

Radion Aminov was skeptical such a radical approach would work in the cutthroat world in investment firms on Wall Street. However, he was made a believer during the first few months of his work as the company’s CFO.

Radion Aminov - Why Chief Financial Officers Are Essential to Business Success

Radion Aminov is a Chief Financial Officer working for the World Funding Company, an investment firm dedicated to providing small businesses in New York City with the funding they need at favorable interest rates so they can expand and add more to the vibrant and growing city. Aminov came to the World Funding Company from a career on Wall Street after graduating from New York University with a degree in Finance. Aminov lives in Manhattan now with his wife Kate and his two daughters, Mary and Beau. Aminov is proud to help the World Funding Company as its CFO.

CFOs are usually necessary in large companies that work with large sums of money at once. Their job is to analyze how their companies are spending their operating capital and how they can improve the efficiency of their budget. Radion Aminov uses his expertise in predicting markets and how the World Funding Company can adapt to changing forces quickly and with agility. CFOs help ensure that their companies are ready for the future with deft planning and smart allocation of resources at all times. Radion Aminov tries to keep the World Funding Company’s promise to its investors of a certain return on their investments while maintaining its investments in the community.

Radion Aminov has helped the World Funding Company become a one-of-a-kind organization in the United States—an investment firm ready to work with smaller clients to give them the resources they need to grow and add their products and services to the local New York City market.

Radion Aminov - Three Careers Open to Finance Majors

Radion Aminov earned a Finance degree at New York University in 2000 and went to work at several financial firms on Wall Street for several years before he received a job offer from a few of his classmates at NYU to work for their company, the World Funding Company. He is now the CFO of the World Funding Company in New York, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. Aminov could have pursued any number of career opportunities with his Finance degree, including these three prominent jobs:

  • Financial services sales agent. Financial services representation is a field that reported 15% growth in the past year. Bankers, financial consultants, and other professionals perform this job in various capacities. These professionals provide advice on securities or commodities and bring buyers and sellers together. Radion Aminov dabbled in this profession for a time after graduating from NYU.
  • Personal financial advisor. Radion Aminov advises his friends at the World Funding Company on their next financial moves. Personal financial advisors work with individuals to build their personal investment portfolio and help them make financial decisions.
  • Financial manager. Usually these professionals have to climb the ranks of their business organization to reach this position. Financial managers usually have to prepare financial documents, manage employees in their department, and review financial reports.

Radion Aminov used his experience and skill to land a position at a rising investment company, but there are many other ways to build a career using a Finance degree.